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Discover the path to success with expert mentoring and coaching. Whether you're starting, growing, or scaling, tap into tried, tested,

and proven strategies tailored for photographers and small business owners. Let's unlock your potential together!

Hi, I'm Chantelle

Founder of Mill and The Sea.

My Purpose

After enduring the highs and lows of running a photography and small business for 13 years, I am here to share my insights with you so you can achieve more in a shorter amount of time, and I am here to save you time and stress while building your business.

Through my own journey, I have gained invaluable insights into running a successful photography business, having weathered various challenges, and learned from my mistakes along the way. The weight of burnout is not foreign to me, and I have personally experienced the toll it takes on you within your business and personal life.

This firsthand knowledge fuels my determination to protect aspiring small business owner, like you, from the same fate. I understand the significance of elevating others and view mentorship as an opportunity to guide you past obstacles and towards your own success.

By sharing my hard-earned wisdom and lessons, I aim to empower new photographers and small business owners, providing you with the tools to flourish and find fulfilment in your careers while maintaining and balancing a work/life balance.

My goal is to help you overcome obstacles, and provide the support you need to thrive. I can't wait to make a positive impact on your lives and careers, inspiring you to reach new heights and celebrate your unique business journey.

Karissa Soboll

I left Chantelle’s Photography Foundations Workshop on the biggest high!!! Not only was the workshop informative, educational, easy to follow and fun… it was a safe empowerment space to talk all things business and growth. Highly recommend reaching out to Chantelle if this is something of interest to you. I’ve since booked a further 1:1 session to hone in on my skills and I’ve also booked her services for my own Business Branding!

Jess Reily

Chantelle is incredible at what she does. She is so uplifting, supportive and will help you reach your vision so beautifully! Her photos are stunning and her workshop is so welcoming and inspiring. I can’t thank her enough for being such a wonderful mentor and support in my new adventure!

Amy June

Chantelle has been incredible! She has been the best mentor ever and provided so much guidance and support regarding starting my business. Chantelle gave me the push and the confidence to start my own business and without her I'd be lost! It's a good feeling starting your dream business and having someone to be with you along the way and help guide you.

Ever wondered about Business Coaching and how it can help you? Let's talk! Find out how I can help boost your business!

Personalized 1-on-1 Coaching

People say my coaching is a caring blend of support and savvy business smarts. I'm dedicated to your success, providing real advice to make your business thrive. In our calls, we'll strategize and plan your next moves for a clear roadmap.

Your Go-To Business Pal

Ever wished for a fresh perspective on business ideas? Look no further! With my Voxer support package, we can bounce ideas, share progress, and you can get live feedback on your work and social media. Let's make your business journey less solo!

Staying on Track & Taking Steps Forward

Overwhelmed with what's next in your business? Now, with a solid game plan, know where to put your time and what tasks to focus on. Together we will create a clear action steps to guide you, ensuring your business keeps moving forward.