Wow! It's been a huge few months!

Read below to see what the heck is happening!

Here's the breakdown!

Photography Business Masterclass

In July I will host my first 2-day event for the Photography Business Masterclass! The first day will be all about learning the basics of photography, posing and using natural light, and a practical shooting session. The second day comprises of Personal Development and Mindset Coaching, Branding and Marketing, and finishing off the day with learning Lightroom and editing our pictures from the first day.

Business Coaching and Mentoring by Chantelle Seaman

After the first Masterclass has been held in July, I will then be offering small business and photography business coaching and mentoring.

This will include:

  • 1:1 and group coaching for Basic Photography (learning how to use a camera)
  • 1:1 Business Coaching and Mentoring (for all creatives, and small business owners, not just photographers) coaching in branding, marketing, mindset, and business development.
  • Further Masterclass Group Coaching dates will become available.

The Content Studio Rockhampton

Opening Soon! The Content Studio is a bare canvas, ready for all your photography, business and creative needs! With a hire-per-hour based system, many industries are welcome to hire the space for photography, videography, events, meetings and Masterclasses to elevate your position in your industry. The studio will also be used for my own photography sessions, meetings, a place to film content and hold my own coaching and mentoring 1:1 sessions and group coaching. Still, in the renovations stage, the studio will be open hopefully within a month! Visit the insta page here.

Femme + Focused

Femme + Focus was developed by Keira from The Foxx and myself, Chantelle from Mill and The Sea. We have combined our passion for elevating women in business and have developed the idea of building a community of entrepreneurs, and badass women in business! We are currently building our first event and invite you to check out the instagram page in the meantime! Visit here.

Mill and The Sea

The baby that started it all! As I work on all the branches of Mill and The Sea. My wedding photography and portrait sessions are still happening! I have added in much more value for my clients, creating automated workflows to give you more value! One pretty cool and AMAZING extra I have added is, Vip Bridal Education! You will receive links to my Wedding Planning Podcast, check lists and much more when you book in your wedding with me. Stay tuned, this one is also huge! The Vip Bridal Education resources will be available soon. (see below).


Once the studio is complete, I will start the filming and recording for the VIP Bridal podcast and a seperate business and mindset podcast, where I will will be offering FREE education to all small businesses and creatives!

So that’s about all, ;) not much really! (help! haha).

Oh, let’s add in being a mum to three kids, a partner and trying to run a house and get to the gym. Am I crazy? Or crazy in-love with life?!

Thanks you guys for coming along for this wild ass ride!!

Love, Chan x