My friends,

Let me tell you the delightful tale of Henry and Brooke, two souls whose love story reads like a rom-com with a hefty dose of reality and a sprinkle of humour. Picture it: the year was 2019, and amidst the mundane hum of office life, fate intervened, bringing Henry and Brooke together in a way that was refreshingly unscripted.

No dramatic music, no slow-motion entrances – just two people drawn to each other by the magnetism of friendship. Brooke couldn't help but notice Henry's knack for humour, especially when she jokingly challenged him to a playful spar. But it wasn't just his wit that captured her heart; it was those kind eyes and that infectious smile. As for Henry, well, Brooke's vivacious spirit and fearless banter had him hooked from the get-go.

Fast forward to 2020, a year of new beginnings and unexpected adventures. Henry mustered up the courage to pop the question during a trip to Tasmania, where nerves and excitement mingled over a buffet breakfast. Little did Brooke know, Henry was grappling with the dilemma of concealing a ring without blowing his cover. But amidst the snowy mountains and the pretence of setting up a camera, he seized the moment, leaving Brooke both stunned and overjoyed.

Henry and Brooke are a dynamic duo, inseparable in their pursuit of life's joys – whether it's traversing uncharted territories, indulging in culinary escapades, or navigating the treacherous aisles of the grocery store. For them, it's the simple act of being together that infuses every moment with magic and meaning.

Their wedding day, while filled with its fair share of traditional splendour, held a special charm in the quiet moments shared between just the two of them – Like when they retuned to their AirBnb after their wedding, devouring snacks and reliving the day's highlights.

In Henry and Brooke's story, we find a poignant reminder that true happiness lies in the company of someone who not only accepts your quirks but revels in them, someone who laughs with you, loves with you, and embraces the beautiful messiness of life with you. Theirs is a love story that proves, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that simplicity and laughter are the ultimate ingredients for a happily ever after.

Brooke and Henry, thank you for asking me to capture your wedding day love story.

Love Chan x


Bridal Gown: Lovemeknot Bridal

Veil or Cape: Lovemeknot Bridal

Shoes: Bared Footwear

Hair: Rebecca Kipling MUA Hairstylist

Make-up: Abby J Make Up

Ring: Cullen Jewellery

Suit: Stewart's Rockhampton

Tie/Bow Tie: Stewart's Rockhampton

Shoes: Stewart's Rockhampton

Barber: Garage Barber Shop

Ring: Uniform Black Melbourne

Florist: Shannon Hawke Artisan Florals

Ceremony Venue: St Joseph's Cathedral

Reception Venue: Headrick's Lane

Catering: Headrick's Lane

Cake: Cake Creations Gladstone

Entertainment: Matthew Munro

Signage: Canva

Stationery: Canva